Hello. I graduated from Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical in Red Wing MN with high honors in 2010. I have an AAS degree in Computer Programming - Web Applications and an AAS degree in Computer Programming - Microcomputers. My first taste of formal education was in a one room country school. I was the top student in my class and also the bottom student at the same time (class size - 1). Growing up on a farm, I learned how to work at a young age. I was number two in the pecking order of five boys. I really don't remember being bored while growing up. If we weren't busy doing chores or field work or weeding the garden, we were fishing or playing ball of some sort. If you had any kind of imagination, you were able to have fun. After graduating from high school, I went directly to the University of Minnesota in Morris MN. After a year, I realized I didn't have any real idea of what I wanted to do so my college career came to a halt. I entered the work force doing mostly construction work pedominantly drywall finishing for many years. We all know what happened to the economy and construction got hit hard. I was already thinking I needed to find some kind of work that didn't hurt the muscles so much. Believing that everything seemed to be going the way of computers and web sites, I thought I'd give it a shot, go back to school and get a degree. So, here I am, and it all started in a one room country school.